Vertical Antenna  

10 through 80 Meter

 Once a upon a time my antenna  started its life as a one band antenna for 20 meters.  A Zepp Dipole at 16' 8" long.

 As a matter fact it works very good. Not my design but Carl H. Dahlberg  N7AGK 


  web link = Zepp Vertical Antenna

 My good friend Ray N2GRM had been work on a multi -band antenna. Which turn out to be a better antenna than what I had came up with. So I used his design, which I was glad I did. With some mods.

My Friend Ray N2RGM has built a Vertical most stuff from Home Depot

Thanks Ray!!   Ray's Antenna Build   

 I kept the Zepp design and add the rest of the tubing to come up with a total length of 29 feet 6 inch. I tried many different things to make it work on 75 meter because my antenna was a little shorter than Ray's but nothing seem to work. Then one day I had a idea to use a Ham Stick. I got 75 meters and several contact across the country Europe Canada and South American. At present have log over 650 contacts with this antenna.

Here are the pictures. I uses a counter poise wires at different length all are wave per band. I used 2 wires per band, the wire is copper bare. 060 diameters.

The base plate is inch ply wood painter both side at each corner are dry wall screw. Then I attached bare copper wire as seen in Picture # 1

Next drilled a 1-1/8 inch hole through the center of the plywood.

I then installed 16 ground wires and check the receive from several beacon's through out the world. It had improved the receive. I then installed some more all cut to between a 1/4 and a 1/8 wave. When I got up to18 wires nothing improved so I stop.


I installed a piece of rebar 3 ft long in center of the plate see picture # 3

Bottom section of the antenna has a insulator slid inside the antenna see picture #8.

The antenna is feed at the base. In the plastic bag is my 4 to 1 Unun by Balun Design

 Coax feeds from the QTH to the bottom of the Unun

If 75 meters is used  a piece of PVC as a insulator it must tight fit around upper antenna tube this will be 9 3/9 inch long. At opposite end install another piece of tube keeping a gap of several inches between the two tubes see pictures #9


At top of the tube install a Truck West Coast Mirror mount for a antenna see pictures # 9 and

Next install the coax and pl259 connector, use a piece of coax about 12 inches long at opposite end of the coax peal back the shield of the coax about 1 inch cut this bare wire off , using only the center attach it the antenna tube below the insulator using use clamp see pictures  



The over all dimensions are 29 feet 6 inch   

Not to big but it works. Check my log book from other link.



End results antenna is been up over a year no problems and no maintains at all . Swr has never changed but I do use a tuner . Bands 10,12,15,20 no tuner is needed. Also have ran up to 1 Kw through the Unun with no problems. I use two guide ropes about half way up, these are 1/8 inch nylon rope.


Cost $46.00 for materials and the Unun cost $79.95 total cost $125.95

Web link for the Unun


Zero 5 Antenna  $299.00

there web address is   ZERO 5 Antenna