TICKING NOISE ICOM IC-7100 <title>ticking noice


My 7100, although no one ever commented on the ticking noise on air either when I was on noisy HF bands or using crystal clear DV, in my ear phones with the monitor on I could just about hear it when I connected to one of the DCS Echo servers.

This could be a problem with export model in other parts of the world..

 Some have cured the problem by buying a CAT7 cable, do another echo test and  see if ticking noise detected.

Another solution: using an amplified microphone, such as SM-20, SM-30 the ticking noise disappear I tried to listen the noise with an external receiver (with headphone) and with the internal monitor of the radio. I have try also with an homemade Microphone  with amplified circuit Hookup non Icom Amp and I don't hear the tick noise in the background.

 Probably some components of the circuit filtering the noise.

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