Below are some of my first digital stations pictures starting in 1992, upper part of the picture is my IRL-FSK-1000 rtty demodulator far right

is  my Kenwood TS-430

and to the right of my hand is sp-230 and a Kenwood tuner and don't forget the keyer

computer is a IBM PC-XT model 5160 dual floppies drives no memory runs in Dos only


Above the picture on far right is about 5 foot high this was sent using rtty 60 baud took about 45 minutes to get

this is one of the hardest picture at that time to receive it was called BLUE BOY this was a over strike picture, the printer would go over

same line and make it darker. Sorry I don't have the whole picture, but here is a Christmas Picture from rtty

This computer interface lets you use your IBM compatible or Commodore 64/128 computer as a full featured RTTY, ASCII, CW station for transmitting and receiving with your HF or VHF rig.
Copies all RTTY shifts and speeds, both Mark and space. Has a sharp 8-pole active filter for 170 Hz shift and CW.
Built in tuning indicator works with all modes. Normal/Reverse switch eliminates returning for inverted RTTY.
Plugs between your rig and computer. And on shelf above the monitor is a Ten Tec CW QRP rig..

The picture below is a model 33 not mine  didn't think of taking picture when I had one .

The tape on the left side would have holes punch into it and could be saved and re sent out as a picture.

The pictures took any where from 1/2 hour to several hours to receive then had to edit because

 of noise and wrong cartagers . What fun we had doing this.

The paper was called FAN FARE a thousand sheets all hooked together had holes on the both

sides to advance the paper through the machine this was gear driven .

The machine were gear driven to change baud rate , open here up and change the gears.

They mad lots of noise smoked at times had a bell that would ring . If I remember right that was control G key,

 but  not sure but it worked...

this picture is 20 years different the same room as the  picture below Sept. 2017

For more on the OLD RTTY stuff

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