Day One The Beginning


 Phase I

The Being and it all started here!!

It took me about three years to get this car. It wasn't for sale . I kept a eye out for it and checked every month . Finally the guy wanted to sell her . And now she's mine. Here are some pictures I took the day I brought my little bird home 09-06-2003. It had sat outside for a long time with the windows open about a inch. All the chrome inside car was pitted. Floors rusted out, front seat ripped wrong mirror outside, the front doors windows wouldn't roll up or down, door panels bow out from water, paint was like sand paper. Heater missing? Wiper didn't work. The power steering fluid ran out of the pump as fast you put it in, but it had Power Steering V8 and Automatic plus Hardtop. All for $800.00 and a Florida car with 34000 miles. Replace fan belt and battery added gas and drove it home boy was that scary....Now it's home and I know nothing about Falcons . Internet and I found the TFFN net. I have done many updates, disk brakes, delay wipers, hood and trunk lights, master cylinder, heater, alternator,  Electronic ignition Dura Spark II from a newer Ford and the last item was to install a Sprint dress up kit and these last items are original items found on Ebay. Below shows how to due some of the changes. Thanks to all the people that help me get the parts .


Without the TFFN forum, these upgrades would have been difficult, maybe impossible. I would not have know about the Granada Brake and sway bar or the Geo master cylinder. You need to check this site out . Thanks David






  AFTER   Phase II

Engine , Body , Brakes , Ignition , and Electrical all Reworked












What I have done so far and yes I did all work myself. I got a manual first. Then I reworked the floors , next the seat repaired, replaced the missing kick panels. Rework the brakes added disk with newer master cylinder plus brake light switch off brake pedal. Repainted the dash didn't have money for re chrome. Replaced wiper motor and switch from ford truck bonus had delay wipers. Horn ring, new mirrors, door handles inside and out, window cranks, rear valance panel gas cap Chrome on inside around windshield, sun visor brackets.. Rebuilt the heater box and heater. Rebuilt the Distributor the wire from the points to the coil was a piece of telephone wire vacuum advance didn't work ,nothing in center of coil to hold wire replaced that also, lots of different seal and gasket to make the car tight. Had charging problem and starting problem turn out to be a missing ground strap from engine to body ground . I liked the 65 tail lights so I got a set of them.  The rear brakes replaced wheel cylinder and shoes . Replaced trunk mat, jack, made side panels for trunk area ,replace trunk seal. Rebuilt the power steering pump replace the lines from the pump replace intake manifold had newer intake with  a EGR Valve on it ? Four carburetors later, and  linkage , and valve covers and air cleaner and power steering from a 63 Sprint. The engine and transmission were in good shape. Just upgraded the Ignition system to Dura Spark II . Benefits are no points smoother idle and better performance and gas mileage. Article to replace Distributor and rewiring can be found on Michelles Ford Tech Page 4    Thanks Michelle . I found a lot of items on Ebay and from fellows from TFFN Net





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Why would someone want to take a car that looked this good and change it so drastically!

 From this    to  this  

My reason was after I had fixed everything the car just sat doing nothing and it cost to much to drive on a daily basic. And always had to adjust that carburetor and choke. And it only had a two speed auto transmission. Now it driven all the time and for gas mileage I'm getting is around 24 to 26 mph. and I'm having fun doing it ...


      5.0 HO EFI with AOD Transmission **************************************