DM-780 with Mini Deluxe

First off you need Virtual Com port program, and Virtual Audio setup and running on your computer

You need 4 Com ports

I use VSP Manager. Contact the author,  Steve  and give him your callsign. He will generously allow you to

 use the software for your own personal use free . This allows T/R control via the digital programs.

Make a directory on c: drive and run in compatibility in XP mod and run this program as an administrator.


Goto flex setup for cat control and set it as per the picture below

Download a Virtual Audio program

Create a virtual audio cable pair. (How?:

setup as the screen shot shows.

Back to flex setup now we go to audio and we configure the virtual audio ports.


This will be the last thing to adjust. We will need to down load Mini Deluxe from the web


Download but do nut run this program yet

              MiniDeluxe Zip


You need to download HRD and install it at this time.

When it is installing on your computer watch and see what com port it uses should be Com 4.

Ok now shout down all of HRD software

Go to Windows program and find Ameture Radio do a left click on the icon now

 find DM780 click on this Icon but hold it down and drag it to bottom of the screen and pin it  there.

Were going to this also for the Log program also.

Now load the Mini deluxe  and also pin it to system tray also.

 You load Flex radio software turn on the rig put rig DIGIU . double lick on Mini deluxe

click on Dm-780 icon

click on Log book book and enjoy.


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