The Marlin 2
A 65-66 style Marlin with an Ambassador front end . Note the Hood Ornament. Looks to be 1 inch wide and about 3 inches long . Also no emblems on front fenders .

The fellow how owned this car purchased it from Dick Teague. He is a member of the Daytona AMC club

I have ran into someone that had information on this car . The Marlin front end was cut off at the frame close to bottom of fire wall then a Ambassador whole front clip assembly was welded into place. Do not now if this is true. The wheel base was increase due to the wheel opening being farther a head on the Ambassador compared to the Marlin/Classic front end. The motor was set back farther in the frame , it was position behind front cross member , making the steering lighter . Didn't handle that good because the weight was moved farther back.

Does anybody have any more info please email me.

This car is being brought back to life again

Yes it a Ambassador front end

This last Picture was sent to me from Larry R. Daum


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