First off this is a low power mode 15 watts or less. I get QSL cards tell me there at 50 watts it shows on the waterfall as very bright. A 10 watt or less shows as really light waterfall.

This setup is using a Flex 3000 or a Flex 1500


160-1.828 ,  80-3.576 ,  40-7.076 , 30-10.138 , 20-14.076 , 17-18.102

15-21.076 , 12-24.917 , 10-28.076


1. setup your call and grid and mod of sound card.


2 Comp Ports

3. Virtual Audio Ports

4. Min Deluxe

8. First and most important is that of time synchronization.

You can not successfully have a JT65 QSO without a close synchronization of your

local computer's time value to UTC. Period. End of discussion.

If you have internet access there is NO EXCUSE for not having a properly synchronized

clock. Free solutions to this issue are readily available.

Many use;



4. making contact



5. log book



this setup works on my Flex 3000 I use Virtual Audio ports and a Utility prg call MiniDeluxe which take the place of HRD this saves CPU

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