Mic that didn't work!


The my old Heil HM-10 I hooked up to my 7100 and I just about had to eat the mic

to get the VOX to trigger. I had the vox and mic gain up to 100% and the audio was

 still very low. I contacted Bob Heil and received the following information: Yes,

unfortunately (and pretty stupid!) ICOM has reverted BACK to their old low gain

pre amps in the 7000 and 7100. Same audio set up as the 706. Dr. Inoue (Pres of ICOM)

invited me when the 706 was introduced, to help solve the problem by designing a high

 quality, high level microphone for those low gain front ends. The answer is our ICM.

It only works on ICOM and works REALLY good. You will need the ICM and the HSTA modular adapter. What microphone work best with the IC7100, besides Heil microphone  ?

I had purchased the microphone adaptor cable when I ordered the radio.

I tried my old  Icom SM8 it was to hot so I ended up with a Icom SM-30 Desk microphone,

been using the SM-30 for a several months works great on Dstar and normal HF. But terrible audio on 2 meter analog.

 So back to the bag of trick . I have a Heil HM-12 sitting here on boom with a XLR cable wired for a FT-950 . I already have IC-OPC-589 microphone adaptor . So I rewired the XLR cable to work . The 7100 came to life on 2 meter . Will try this and see how it works.

Any input please email me  here is the link 

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