This is a picture setup  running ICOM  IC-7200 with a Signalink and cat control. The cable needed from the Signalink USB is SLUB131, if you have older Signalink the cable will be a SL1+13PI or SLCAB131 check Signalink web site.

You will also need a CI-V CT-17 cable for this setup make sure the cable end has a 1/8" jack an is mono only  not stereo. There are two types.

Your com port will be different that one shown

NOTE:  Please read the "Important Notes"  BEFORE you select your jumper settings.  This will save time and may help prevent you from making a mistake that could possibly damage the SignaLink or your radio.  Note that the SignaLink USB does NOT use the PWR jumper wire, so you can disregard this jumper during installation.   All other jumper settings are the same.Do not install jumper PWR to PIN 5

in the about picture upper right area where the buttons are  have added some frequency that I use

to do this  dial in the frequency then push F9 key add all you want then go into button edit and add the frequencys



I hope you found your answer here I looked for two days on the internet didn't find what I needed


The program inside Fldigi is called Flrig pretty nice little add-on

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