Icom IC-7300

Microphone Setting

I use a Heil PR-781 Mic


   With any of these setting kept close eye  on your ALC.

   You never want to see over 50%

   Normally the mic gain is set between 65 to 80. Watch that ALC!!

   Compression on at, 1 maybe 2 never any more...


   Equalization settings:

   Normal conversation Bass -1 to +1 Treble +3

   DX and Contest use Bass maybe -3 , treble +4

   These setting what I use everybody voice are like snow flaks

   always different.

   If you  have another HF rig listen to your self and adjust for

   best Audio.

  Now you have found out that there is  also receive audio that

  you can  also adjust.

  Once you have  this set save it to your SD card.

  I have three different setting saved.

  1. HF normal

  2. HF DXing

  3. Digital this is for PSK, JT65, JT0 and FT-8


This how I have HRD SETUP




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