HRD old versions


All older version were compiled to run on Window 98 ,and Windows XP with 32 even  byte. If your computer is Windows 7 or Windows 8 must run in Compatibility mode Windows XP service pack 3, Tried the right click and "run as administrator" for the install. That solved some of the problems running under  Windows 7

HRD Version 4.0.1848 May,13,2008
HRD Version 4.0.1861 May,18,2008
HRD Version 4.0.1875 June,2008
HRD Version 4.0.1895 July,4,2008
HRD Version 4.0.1897 July,6,2008
HRD Version 4.0.1901  July,2008
HRD Version 4.1.1989 October,2008
HRD Version 5.0.2321 September,2009
HRD Version 5.0.2434 December,2009
HRD Version 5.0.2636 July,2010
HRD Version 5.0.2893 March,2011
HRD Version 5.24.38
(British English Fix)
October, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.36August, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.28July, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.25July, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.3July, 2012
HRD Version 5.23June, 2012
HRD Version 5.22May, 2012
HRD Version 5.21May, 2012
HRD Version 5.2April, 2012
HRD Version 5.11aFebruary, 2012

Please note before you write me:

Iím not the HRD Author !  Simon Brown HB9DRV was the original author, but this version is discontinued, so No Support will be given by Simon too. If you need  help the only way is to ask to the Ham Radio Deluxe Yahoo group

Donít ask me for support, or implementations.

If you want to purchase the new Ham Radio Deluxe version (currently version) you can buy directly from HRDSoftware LLC

In case you want to leave HRD, you can always look for other Ham Radio Software



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