Hercules DJ Controller MP3-E2

After spending many hours to find the software to run the Hercules DJ Controller MP3-E2 I decided to add it to my web site.


Do not plug the DJ Console into your computer before you run the driver installation program !!

When the installation DOES finish, then you plug it in and your computer should show the DJ Console being installed.


Then when you decompress PowerSDR-UI_0.997_beta.zip, all of those files MUST go into the C:/Program Files (x86)/Flexradio Systems/PSDR v2.7.2 folder. Nowhere else.

Many decompress programs put files into a default directory and the Console WILL NOT work unless it goes as I mentioned. 

So, in that folder there will now be, in addition to PowerSDR.exe and many others already there, 5 files that begin with the word “Sanford” and "PowerSDR-UI_0.997_beta.exe”.


It is this PowerSDR-UI_0.997_beta.exe that you load to bring up PowerSDR now. I suggest putting a shortcut of this to the main screen.

Then once you bring up this new program, PowerSDR will load up as normal. Go into Setup, General then User Interface. The new DJ Console should be listed as a user interface. Select the DJ Console. Then just start assigning the pull down menus for each knob, slider and button. Try one or two first, select SAVE in the lower right hand corner (sometimes this can be off the screen so just move the screen up). Select APPLY and see if it works.


If you don’t see the DJ Console as a User interface option, most likely those decompressed files are not in the right place.


Hope this helps.


73's  John / K7RLD






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