Generator to Alternator Conversion

This is not my Conversion just reposted. I do not take credit for it.

For those of you interested in updating your Falcon to a better electrical system. Here is the wiring change necessary to convert your old style generator system to a more modern system to run stereo and electronic ign systems..

 This can be done on the existing wiring harness, and requires only purchasing the alternator, voltage regulator, 10 gage wire, wire connectors, and the brackets to mount your alternator. Most modern parts store have a HELP SECTION look for the repair voltage regular harness this is not needed but will dress up your instillation.

(note) check your engine to body ground mine was missing and cause staring and charging problem!!

Add the new #10 wire it's RED in the above picture from the solenoid the new junction connector. I used different color wires to make it easier to install. After I had it all installed I drove down to the parts store had them check the system for output. Back home I then wrapped all the wires up to make the new harness.

I am not the first person to do this conversion I put this on my web site as a aid, to new people into how to improve you old cars electrical system. Jim

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