Update it's now July 2013    

Was using direct connection from rtty port the 6 pin on the back direct for several years  . Then I sold  the Ft-950 needed new interface so I ordered a Signalink SL-USB-6PM

This comes with a 6 pin cable that plugs into the rtty port on the back of the FT 950    

Here is how to wire up the Signalink           


                              Next had to install jumper number JP2  

     All works great no ALC  shown on the meter at 40 watt all the  way to 100 watts

     I use all the same setting I had use from several years ago  listed below.


  JP2 Ė This jumper can be installed to increase the Receive Audio signal going into the Signalink USBís

      built-in sound card.

  JP3 Ė This jumper can be installed to increase the Signalink USBís Transmit Audio Signal. With this jumper

    installed, the Signalink USB can provide up to 2Vp-p into 600 ohms. This should be more than adequate to

    drive any radio to full power. Note that this is NOT needed for most radios.

  JP4 Ė This jumper can be installed to increase the sensitivity of the Signalink USBís Auto-PTTTM circuit

    approximately two times. This is not necessary for Data modes, but does offer increased performance for

    voice applications.


I use these setting for HRD/DM780

Ok so you are new to the rig and the menu setting

To the left of the big tuning knob is a row of button the last one is

is MENU push this one in

next to the left of the menu button is a knob  labeled SELECT

this know changes the menu number

Lets go to menu 28

to change the setting the knob that is labeled CLAR/VFO

this is the second biggest knob lower right side

turn is know to the left or  right in the menu

it will read on or off

to save the setting push in menu for a couple seconds

now you know how to move around with setting I have below

enjoy Jim AA0NO
    Menu settings
     26  38400 (if you have any issue with dm780 locking up you might want to change the baud rate

     speed also you'll have to change the speed in HRD Setup to 19.200  

       I run mine at     19.200
      27  1000  to 3000 depends on how fast your computer is
      28  off
      29  off

    47  dir to remove LSB/USB offset by 1.4KHZ (great for Ham Radio Deluxe)
     50  40  this is the ALC turn it back 50 for SSB phone
     51  45
     52  300
     54  1500
     55  1500
for digit modes 1000 for SSB 

     64  1-30
     69  +5
     70  +9
     111  40 watts or less power output  I set this using the gray key    labeled C.S

       114 Data

   NOW - DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE these by holding the menu    Button for 3

   seconds. If you don't do that, all of these settings go back to zero or default.

   Save your settings each time.

Setting from DM-780

                                                                                               " RADIO CONTROL "

  in USB (not RTTY/PSK   try rtty/psk look at the waterfall how many streams due you

    see now switch to USB...  You be the Judge , not a wrong way just another way!!
    Controls on Radio

Vox  off  ( red light will be off ) If you donut use interface  but wire audio direct from

   6 pin mini din plug  to computer need to have VOX ON

   Att off
   IPO amp on
   R.FLT  3Khz
   Shift 140 Hz depends on how the band is doing I use 40Hz
   Width 2600 Hz 3000 I use 2700
   Cont off to shut off push the select button in
   ** Notch off same as above  I run mine at 1390 Hz
        Back of Radio
     DB9 cable from the radio to computer USB or db9 at computer
    Mini din 6 pin plug 
    will hoop up to the computer speaker plugs green and red/pink plugs

            (see picture below)

                   Ham Radio Deluxe setup
     Find the right radio setup from menu
     Comp port  auto
     Speed  19.200  (found that using the high speed would lock the computer

     so have set  mine to
     Flow control / interface power  RTS Checked

     F8  or Program Options
     Pop up menu
     Waterfall Negative setting in color
     PTT check sound card
     Soundcard      Input Receive         Microphone USB Audio CODEC
                            Output Transmit       Speaker USB Audio CODEC

Running JT65hf

I use the above setting for JT65  and JT-9 and FT8

                                   Also the Signalink cable would also hook up same place


               What I have found using Yaesu FT-950 in digital mode that works for me. 

               with this you do not need a Signalink unit have used this for three years

                also used on my Kenwood TS-2000 I sold my FT-950 along with the

                sale my homemade interface left. So with the new 950 I'm now using a

            Signalink USB with a CLCAB6M Cable this is a mini 6 pin connect

            to the RTTY/PKT port

Plugs and connectors try  http://www.mouser.com/  part number for the 6pin mini din is 806-KMDAX-6P


 Plugs and connectors try  http://www.mouser.com/ 
 part number for the 6pin mini din is 806-KMDAX-6P


   If you don't have DB9 on your computer use web link below




  works on Windows XP Vista Windows 7  32 bit or 64 bit


   Plugs and connectors try  http://www.mouser.com/ 
   part number for the 6pin mini din is 806-KMDAX-6P



This is from the Yaesu Ft 950 user group (file section

NP4BM RTTY (AFSK) menu settings for FT-950
What I have used for RTTY contesting.
Menu Item 50 30
          51 60
          52 30
          53 50
          54  0
          55 2120
          59 nor
          60 nor
          61 30
          62 170
          63 2125
I set the bandwidth to Narrow usually to 300hz,the if shift to +100hz.
I'm using a Signalink USB interface connected via the 6 pin mini din on the back.
Mode set to PKT LSB.Contest software N1MM logger using the MMTTY engine.


        From the Yahoo Group FT-950  ,Operator Walt:

    Just set up mine (FT-950 and Signalink USB) and I'm having fun on digital

    modes (ie, PSK31 and RTTY the most).

      Here are my settings;

    In my computer: (WIN XP Pro SP3 operating system)

    at Control Panel  Sounds and Audio Devices (2x click)

    1. Click Audio TAB

    You should see: Sound Playback - Default Device: USB Audio CODEC

    Sound Recording - Default Device: USB Audio CODEC

    2. Click VOLUME Tab below Sound Playback:

    The SPEAKER window will appear, at the very bottom (left side)

     you should see  USB Audio CODEC on the Speaker slider, bring

     the slider all the way up on the Wave slider, bring it to 50% mute the

    SW synth and CD Player

    3. Turn ON your Signalink, Green light should lit.

    4. Close the Speaker window, the PTT red light on the Signalink

       should light  momentary.

     FT-950, I left everything on default

    as far as Menu 50 to 55, 59 to 63.

    I set my power Menu 111 to 50 for PSK and 85 - 90 for RTTY

    I set Menu 48 (A1A PC KYNG) to enable ** see Menu 048 at page 112

    I use Hamscope most of the time for PSK31

    and RTTY ( my choice, you can choose

    REMEMBER, FT-950 and Signalink USB uses  AFSK, meaning the volume out is constant

     and there would be times that the frequency

     will shift if there is a BIG signal your signal on PSK31 mode during

     receive. all I do is shift it back on the waterfall.  I hope this one will give you some points to

    set you system up. Good luck! Walt


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