Ham Radio Deluxe

All information I have listed else where on this  site on setup  my Flex 1500 and 3000.

Is different here because of new software from HRD.

MINI DELUXE is not needed

 1. I am running Power SDR v2.7.2

 2. Ham Radio Deluxe Release

 3. I have 4 Virtual Com ports 13-14 for Cat Control, 17-18 for PTT

 4. setup HRD choose SDR RADIO COM 13

 5. HRD Main Screen USB Mode

 6. Flex Screen DIGU MODE

 7. Flex Screen Filter 3.0

 8.PSK DM-780 Program Screen  Program Option choose PTT (tic ptt)

 9. PTT screen choose VIA Com Port (enter) COM 18

 10. Back to Program Option screen DM-780 choose Sound Card (tic Soundcard)

 11. Receive Device Line 1(Virtual Audio Cable), Output (transmit) Line 2 (Virtual Audio Cable)

  I have included several pictures of the setup , hope this helps with your setup.



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