Flex 3000 & 5000 SETUP

The above speaker system is from a Dell Monitor sells on Ebay under $20.00  PT# AS501 and has volume control

and no distortion and doesn't pick up  any RFI

To get all this to work need a good FireWire card

I run a PC windows7 64 byte 8 geg ram the Firewire PCI card is from SIIG there number

 PT#- NN-400012-S8 SIIG 3-port PCI 1394 FireWire Adapter - 3 x IEEE 1394a FireWire  PCI Card       

Also  another card I have is from SONNET model ALLEGO FW400 PCIe  this is a PCI Express card  works on PC this card has 3x IEEE 1394a Firewire  ports . Will work with Windows XP, Windows  Vista, and Windows 7 32 byte or 64 byte, also works with MAC check mfg for details.

When doing any setup's with other software always use the latest

setup's that are available

 (IE)  Mini Deluxe, HRD, Virtual Audio , and or Virtual Com Port software



These are screen shots of my setup for the top row of icon's

On your Flex Power SDR program find the Icon (Mixer)

Audio Mixer: Input Mic will end up about 1/3 down the scale.

also check this link   Setup your Transmitter Audio  

Audio Setting


2. My Mic setting I run a Heil MH-12    from the Mic choices I chose a PR-781

then I saved it PR-781 Rick you pick what name to save it to.

When making

changes to the Mic you have reset Audio Mixer each time.


The next set of Instruction are for setting up Your Flex to work with the Digital Modes

3. Next down loaded Virtual Audio Program here are the setting







   4. note to get HRD to work with out delay use a program MiniDeluxe  load this then DM-780 and the Log program don't load HRD



In the above picture I have shown Windows WDM-KS, you might have to chose a different one.

Some compute with give audio distortion with this setting...



After the Virtual sound has been added Windows set the default to a lower setting .You need to go and edit Virtual sounds 1 and 2 to these screen shots or if your sound card supports 32x 48000 dual channel select that.

also kept ALC to 0 or a negative number and check ALC Comp also for a negative number.


VSP Manager. Contact the author,  Steve snance@charter.net  and give him your callsign. He will generously allow you to

 use the software for your own personal use free . This allows T/R control via the digital programs.

Make a directory on c: drive and run in compatibility in XP mod and run this program as an administrator

6. Comport setting you also need for the Flex  

7. Setting audio for digital modes here are my setting for digital mode. I normally
have power set as shown to kept power to about 40 watts I move the VAC gain to left or right, while watching the ALC
Never let the ALC go above the Zero 0 zero or towards the min

8 Min Deluxe this runs DM-780  & JT65 your com port might be different

With Mini Deluxe install and running you do not need HRD, need only DM-780 and the log program

**********MINI Deluxe must be turn off to run JT9-1**************


8a. Memory channels set VFO to the mode and frequency then tick on memory channels

 Case Size and the main board and fans


When doing any setup's with other software always use the latest

setup's that are available (IE)  Mini Deluxe, HRD, Virtual Audio ,

and or Virtual Com Port software




Windows 8 with MiniDeluxe JT65hf and Latency Checker Running

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