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   July 6 Well motor is finally out and on the engine stand, getting ready to drill new hole for dip stick , and change the oil pan and install new oil pump and front sump. Finally out of the heat !!


Pictures of Engine Being Removed from the LTD for the Conversion

     July 15 Finally ready to install, got a 77 302 given to me so I used the oil pan an oil pump sump along with new oil pump . Used the timing case cover which had the oil fill hole init . You must use a  fuel pump cover plate .  You must drill a hole in the Alternator bracket for the oil dip stick tube to pass through. This picture is from another web site, not mine.

     July 16 & 17engine is installed now to hook up everything. When you install the engine don't put bolts in back of heads for chains. I did and I used two chains to kept it level. Three hours later got bolts out..~*%#&*#@


After I took the pictures I realized the fan shroud was to high thanks to another Falcon person name Mike Schnur out in Mesa Az. for the help . All you have to do is turn it a 180 degree drill to holes and it's fix. Thanks Mike.

Installing Wire Harness

July 25 Before you start installing the harness remove the Plenum 6 bolts hold it on there are two bolts hidden under 5.0 cover plate. Notice the air filter box installed.

July 28 some more pictures wire harness installed heater hose hooked up.  Getting down to final few wires then I'll be finished under the hood.           


Aug 14 Another day off temp still in the 90's + finally got the two gas lines installed. Also battery and cables installed in trunk. I ran two cables from trunk to engine because of unibody this way I know I'll have a better ground. Installed inertia switch in trunk and wired the fuel pump from computer to trunk . Got 45 lbs pressure at gage on fuel rail.

Replaced Alternator  with newer one from 89 Mercury  . The one the engine came with a external voltage regulator. There are two plugs on this alternator to wire it up . There are two heavy wires black with orange tracer. Wire them both together and run them to starter solenoid battery side. Green wire, wire it into run side of ignition. That should be it but I haven't started car yet I'm not sure, so ask someone .



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