Delco Alternator on Falcon.

Disconnect battery then go about and remove the generator and bracket and fan belt.

The Alternator I used was from 66 Chevy Impala V8. Fan belt you'll have check for size due to mounting location and pulley size.

On the head there are several taped holes I held alternator up to this area and choose which treaded hole to use. I had to drill the mounting hole to the next bigger size. Install a bolt through alternator and slid it in and out till it lined up with other pulleys. Then I measured distance from head to side of alternator and cut a piece of pipe to use as a bushing. I had several alternators adjustments brackets couldn't find one that would work not all is lost Delco alternators have tapped hole on back of alternator so I used that. The conversion is very simple add a wire from battery side of starter solenoid to back of large post on alternator connect a small gage wire also from that post to sending pin two on alternator that is converted to one wire. I also connected wire from original hardness field wire to terminal 1 which is also called field terminal on voltage regular . Now the generator light will go out.


Also check this site if converting to Ford alternator .Generator to Alternator Conversion

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