DECEMBER16, 2011 received my new IC-7200 . I tried the hook up using the USB cable and the USB Audio for the digital stuff . Got it to work my ham friend Ray N2RGM talking me through the setup. Thanks Ray."  > RAY WEB SITE<

 The draw back got go set the controls back and forth to use voice or digital.

Here is a You Tube  on how setup the system this. Thanks Julian N3JF has done a great job with his video my thanks to him for sharing is information.



Here is how I did mine

So next got the USB cable that plugs into the remote on the back of the rig. Thatís called a CI-V cat cable also called  a CT-17 found on eBay you do not want one that has the stereo plug needs to have a mono plug or you need a adaptor stereo to mono that answer my idea .

 this comes in either USB or DB9 cable

I also had a Rigblaster and Signalink so I use ended up using the Signalink connected to the Acc plug on the back of the rig .

Know I can run Digital or voice with out switch back and forth. SIMPLE


Expand the HRD screen picture added 60 meter channels I -6  far right side of screen                                                



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