This is what was for sale on Ebay

     I needed to up date my dash  the lens was scratched pretty bad the mounting holes in the plastic were broken out couldn't attach it to the dash sheet metal. Plus the temp gage didn't work anyways and several light didn't work .  Ok start looking on Ebay found several of them over period of time as it's with me a dollars short or forget to bid at last minute or at work and can't bid. Finally get one boy do pictures lie as in the next set of picture will tell the golden brown stuff is mud  also the mounting studs on back are all cracked but are there I can fix that.



This is what I ended up with  after all repairs were made..








I ordered a set of insert for dash in white the black steel panel behind the lens needs to be painted white here is before and after of that plus the lens cleaned and painted.


the black surround area next to the gages also need to be painted white.

Here are some of the brushes I used I sanded it with 400 wet/dry paper replaced the temp gage and installed new light bulbs.

                 Here is up date; 

When I got all done didn't like the radio with Black Face Plate. So here is my change.



Install gage pod on left pillar post , install tachometer all are  white face gages .

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