Support Bracket also called Export Braces

When I upgraded to the 5.0 I had to remove fender braces. This is what I did to replace them. Remember I'm on a budget ,      ("5.0 on a shoe String web site") so I started looking at what was on line what I found wasn't to appealing for my budget. Here is what I found . Cost from $126.00 plus shipping  to $165.00 plus shipping. The picture below is well engineered well worth the money .

If you got the money go for it . You can make these out of pipe flatten out and drilled . Probably under twenty dollars.

What I used was clevis rods I found on internet USA made . Less than $8.00 apiece , and the clevis ends with bearing for $4.00 a piece. For a total of $32.00 plus shipping I got them. Size I used , was 13" long 7/8" ID. 7/16 x 24 thread left and right thread. is the web address

 Next problem clevis brackets  

 I had looked for several days found some at a speed shop cost $22.00 I need four of them, plus they need to be ordered and a another shipping cost. Ok tried hardware store no luck . Looked in parts store remember I work in one . Found the perfect thing a heavy duty universal tail pipe hanger PT. # 17175 . Less than $3.00 apiece. You have to knock out two rivets and open two holes up. These part looks just like the $22.00 part. I can't believe it. Don't worry about mounting the clevis bracket to the shock tower. You will need to make two brackets .  I use 1/4" aluminum 6061 plate to make my bracket.    The cost of the aluminum was total of $6.00 scrap aluminum place. You will also half to replace shock tower bolts they are called Carriage Bolts  , they are 3/4" long you will need 1 inch to 1 1/4" long. You will need to grind the heads down to clear the mounting area. (note use flat bladed screw driver and hammer to reinstall them) .

Here is the final piece .

Here is a couple pictures.

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