Had in the passed used a Heil GM-5 on several different radio's worked great . So why not give it a try on the new IC-7200. Audio was not very good. Ok I have a D-104 in the shack I know it's not going to work. Into the box of junk had stripped out a old lap top computer found the condenser mic.

So I remove the crystal cartage from the D-104 and solder the condenser mic to the wires, and gave it a try. I got several good reports from all over the country. Now I need to mount the 5/16 cartage in to big round 3 inch diameter. Found a piece of Styrofoam drew the circle on the foam cut it out then drilled a 5/16 inch hole in the center , from the back side of the foam cut a grove for a place for the wire to sit in. Not much to see, but works great. The base of the mic is a UG8 stand    un amplified. You can also wire a foot switch into the bottom of the mic in about 5 minutes.

There is nothing like grabbing that old mic and using it again.

Next going to find another condenser mic and install it in Heil Gold line and be able to use my boom  again. End results 2 mic for less than $10.00.



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