·       Yaesu FT-950 Wiring for a Microphone with a 3 pin XLR Plug to 8 Pin Plug& Foot Switch Wiring from REAR PANEL

The XLR plug and the Twin Core Lead that came with the mic is more than adequate for the job but the Wiring inside the Female end (plugs into mic), needs to be modified – they have pins 1 & 3 wired together these NEED to be separated so that there are 3 separate wires from the plug (1, 2 , 3) … The other end of the lead will be cut off so don’t worry about it. (Cut Lead to desired Length)

OK, you have made a start to having your Desk Mic Set Up – Next step is to do the soldering for the Yaesu 8 Pin Plug – Here are the Pinouts that need to be used :

Pin 8 - is the MIC + wire from the XLR plug (Pin # 2) which was a Red coated wire on my set up …

Pin 7 – is the MIC – wire (Mic Ground) from the XLR plug (Pin #3) which was a clear coated wire on my set up …

Pin 5 – is the Mic Plug GROUND from the XLR Plug (Pin # 1)

I have wired my set up in the fashion using a stereo plug and socket in the line about 150mm from the 8 pin plug so that I can plug in a head set mic if required ….

The FOOT SWITCH has been wired to the RCA Plug on the Rear Panel of the FT-950 – making it easier to wire the 8 pin plug at the front and negating any feedback from incorporating the foot switch into the 8 pin plug.

I have had some trouble with other forms of wiring for these XLR Mic’s – enough to make one very frazzled – but NOW I have Eliminated any form of HUM, BUZZ, SQUEAL, SCREACH, ETC from the Outgoing Audio and have some very good audio reports from operators near and far ….

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