HM-198 Mod's

There are two different mods to this Microphone on this page

First off don't drill the hole in the front of the microphone to increase the audio , what will happen is the audio will spatter.

I decided to try a different type mod . I cut all the traces going to the Condenser Mic cartage.

I removed the stock Condenser Mic and replaced it  with a Radio Shack power Condenser Mic. this Mic has more Audio than Icom China element

Next had to pickup Mic voltage to run the condenser element which is shown in the picture

Pin number 3 is Audio also the White wire.



Now it was working but was still a little off on audio so again I took the mic apart.





Re assembled the Mic I get great audio reports on SSB HF , HF Dstar, 2 meter and 440 Simplex and also on local repeaters , and on regular Dstar.

The article below is from Michele IZ8JJI  I had to convert it from Italian to English.



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