The following data was researched by  Henry, KC9TWY   ~   All you IC-7200 users take note.  ~
I just bought a IC-7200 and got a rigblaster plug&play with it as well. Wanted to share a few experiences that others may be struggling with.  (Come on, the real reason is that there's a real sense of achievement getting this to work and we want to brag). 
Well, ends up, the new IC-7200 has a USB interface that works both as PTT and sound card so, theoretically, I shouldn't' have bought the interface at all.
I'm a hardcore Linux fan but use Windows eventually for testing and when some fancy games come out (watch for Battlefield 3). 
I used the IC-7200 with both Rigblaster (will call it mode 1) and pure USB (call it mode 2). 
Both modes - pure USB and pnp+soundcard - work great on both windows vista and linux (with hamlib).  
Big perhaps is that the USB is both convenient and easier to set up but it is not activated automatically when USB is used - as one would expect - so some tweaking is needed. 
Here's an excerpt of my notes: 
>>>>> Mode 1) Using soundcard: PC soundcard LIGHT BLUE (LINE IN) to BLUE on rigblaster (better than to connect it to the PINK/MIC) PC USB to rigblaster USB cable Rigblaster cable to IC 13 DIM Adaptor (sold separately) IC 13-DIM adaptor to ICOM 7200  ACC connector Set PC soundcard volume to 100% IC-7200:  - Quick set DATA OFF 
>>>>> Mode 2) Using USB PC USB to ICOM 7200 USB  IC-7200: - Quick set DATA ON 
For BOTH modes, set also this on the IC-7200: - SET/SET MOD M/A  <== this will be used when the SOUNDCARD is selected (mode 1) - SET/SET D-MOD U  <== this will be used when the USB is selected (mode 2) - SET/SET USB LEVEL 85  
The last set of options were pretty hard to figure out alone - as this is my 1st rig anyway. The default USB level 50 just does not seem to work on Linux for some reason.  
QUICK SET means pushing the SET button ONCE for 1 sec. There are 3 quicksets there. SET/SET means pushing the SET button TWICE for 1 sec. This gives access to a plethora of options. 
For now I'm pretty happy with the USB (mode 2) option. It's very convenient.  
One difference between the two though is that the soundcard option allows 192,000 Hz sampling from the PC while the IC-7200 USB will only allow up to 48,000 Hz. This may make a difference for some hardcore DSP programmers/hackers out there, especially dealing with PSK.  
BTW just got my license and my 1st QSO (DX!) with someone 9,000 km away with my poor man's G5RV hanging out of my window to a tree nearby. The guy must have one of those 2km antennas we only see on pictures.
Probably keeping the rigblaster for some future use as it seems to be a great card anyway. 
KC9TWY - Henry ~~~



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