G3 Alternator Conversion

On a 64 Falcon with 5.0 EFI

 Just got done installing 3G 130 amp Alternator  . Other web sites show how to rewire your alternator .

Pictures below shows new hole location for oil dip stick tube

 Area right of the dip stick tube must  be ground down for the 3G alternator to clear bracket. This picture shows hole where oil tube is used for stander Mustang Alternator Conversion . The white area show what must be cut away. The hole for oil tube must also be relocated about 3 inch from where it shows in black and white picture above for use of the G3 alternator. Hole size is 5/8" I used a hole saw. The oil tube I ended up using was from 93 Mustang with a 4 Cylinder engine. The dip stick was from a 5.0  cut to a proper length.

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