When doing any setup's with other software always use the latest

setup's that are available

 (IE)  Mini Deluxe, HRD, Virtual Audio , and or Virtual Com Port software


Flex 1500 Setup used with Dm-780 JT65, JT9-1

 Flex 1500 Screen this is a little different Flex 3000


These are screen shots of my setup for the top row of icon's

On your Flex Power SDR program find the Icon (Mixer)

Audio Mixer: Input Mic will end up about 1/3 down the scale.

also check this link   Setup your Transmitter Audio 


Audio Setting

 My Mic setting I run a Heil MH-12    from the Mic choices I chose a PR-781

then I saved it PR-781 Rick you pick what name to save it to. When making

changes to the Mic you have reset Audio Mixer each time.




Vac Audio (Virtual Audio Cable)


Cat Control



 Next down loaded Virtual Audio Program here are the setting



     If more setup info need : http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm

Virtual Com Ports



VSP Manager. Contact the author,  Steve snance@charter.net  and give him your callsign. He will generously allow you to

 use the software for your own personal use free . This allows T/R control via the digital programs.

Make a directory on c: drive and run in compatibility in XP mod and run this program as an administrator.



  JT65 HF Audio


  Min Deluxe this runs DM-780  & JT65 your com port might be different

**************MINI Deluxe  must be turn off to run JT9-1*************

 DM-780 Virtual Audio Ports


 DM-780 PTT setup must have Mini Deluxe running


 73 Jim W4WWJ



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