A new Leaf in my Ham Radio Experience

Soft Ware Defined Radio

Flex SDR-1000

In the being to purchase a Flex radio,

 you ordered a kit here is what came in the kit

there were several way to order, QRP  Auto Tuner and a 100 watt version.


 Not much to see but boy does it work the first time you click on a filter your hooked. The audio quality coming from computer speaker is great plus the 12 band Equalizer does hurt either.

 There is  a lot of info on the internet with U-tube demo's check all them out. The best site is Flex radio

 Here is small list to get you going




 Scan over these site  if all else fails call Flex the guy on the other end is a real ham radio person

 Here is  how I learned to get the radio working this is only for the SDR-1000

 1.You need a DB25 pin cable also if no DB-25 on the back of your PC you need a PCI card , the one is used is a 

     Rosewill 2 port Parallel card. With this you need a cable maximum length is 6 foot.

 2. Next a sound card a external one  several on the market

    2.A Edirol FA-66 Firewire is one also need PCI Fire wire card  the cost for the unit is about $350.00 plus the card 

        about $20.00

     2.B  Delta 44 is another one  these is the one I use has  also a PCI card comes with the unit cost about #125.00 or


    2.C  Need 2 audio cables doesn't mater which one you use you need these two cable . There are call Guitar Audio

       cable one end has 1/4 mono jack other end has 1/8 mono jack.

  3.  You need two other programs one to run Virtual com ports, this one is call Com0Com,

      and Virtual Audio Cable  4.9     both can be found on the internet.

That's All

Setup screen shots

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