This Info is for use with a 64 Falcon it had a 260 V8 Automatic 2 Speed

from to

5.0 EFI with AOD



The car I used as a Donor was in

 Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords February 2002   page 202, 209 this car made runs mid 13s

Well should of read all about the conversion before I bought the engine. So I started all over again, but first off I sold my engine out of the Falcon to another fellow now I had working capital. I work with a fellow how had this LTD didn't pay much attention to it . He had told me all about the car and drive train. So next I see he's driving Mustang Convertible. So I inquired about the LTD yep it's for sale did some horse trading with him . Thanks Dean and $400.00 later got whole car ready for this conversion.

                  THANKS AGAIN DEAN

Had the day off 6/11/05 went with friend Dean and pickup the other car with engine I'm going to use. It's in a 84 LTD has 88 mustang 5.0 with 90 AOD , 88 mustang AOD floor shifter 87-93 mustang 8.8 axle with 3.73 gears , ford mass air Conversion, headers, Auto Specialties Under drive Pulleys, adaptor plates to relocate power steering , Moroso Cold Air Induction system. Car had been sitting for about 6weeks started right up drove it about 4 miles had to see if it would lit the tires up about 30 feet. Well it runs great 56 miles on freeway between 70 and 90 runs great. And a great buy $400.00  car is from up north sub frame rusted bad , but I'm after the drive train only. 


THIS is my conversion from a 1964 V8 Falcon Futura Hardtop.  I'm in my mid 60's a old motor head.. if  I did it you can also!




            stage I  without air                          stage II with air-condition and G3 Alternator 130 Amp


Trim radiator opening  so it is  now 17x 26 when done . I can now use fox body v8 radiator. Bottom of radiator sits on rubber pad on frame. To use Mustang fan shroud rotate it 180 drill two holes in shroud for mounting it to the radiator support at top. Will need to trim bottom of shroud  , and where power steering pulley sits           


here is the cut out


 Here are some radiator supports pieces they will have to be trimmed these pieces are from Mercury and Crown Vic.


even if you weren't' t doing to use this conversion this mod would give you lot more radiator cooling just use a 85' JEEP Grand Wagoner radiator because of where hoses are

Motor Mounts

 In the picture the view is a left mount for a 65 V8 . Height can also be adjusted with the use of washer's between bottom of mtg , and frame bracket.  The ones I'm using are for 65 Mustang V8  part number for  right is Anchor 2221 left is 2220 got these at AutoZone.

Picture below is the 65 mustang mount with the adaptor from the V8 Falcon installed. Picture on right is the frame mounts.

Timing cover will have to be drilled out for oil dip stick tube also the alternator bracket . I used a 68 mustang front timing case cover has hole already there. I used after market oil tube and dip stick .  Or use a Lokar ED-5010 this is for early use on front case cover with dip stick.

This conversion is for stander Mustang Alternator


remove this and us this 63 to 78

you must also change sump 63 to 78


These plugs are uses in back of head when eliminate smog pump Allen headed plugs from Ford $18.00 . Two bolts from the hardware store 5/8x11x1  less than $1.00 each which one you need. You need to clean carbon out of threads to install bolts or plugs.

Air filter box is from 89 mustang needed bracket to mount it to fender I used 1x1 square tubing and wiper motor bushing as stand off. I drill two hole through tubing and fender well installed 1/4/20 thread all cut to length .



I'm using fox body floor shifter from a Mustang you must mount it above the floor pan because of cross members are in the way , cut hole in floor for cable and linkage on left side of shifter. Raise shifter above floor 1" using some type of shim . I used 1" box tubing.   looks nice mounted now .

UPDATE  Consul installed and Air Condition . Bucket seats are from Dodge Advanger consul is form Dodge Neon.

Also to clean up shifter column you can use these type adaptors from a Falcon or Mustang that had floor shift.

Remember to hook up the neutral safety switch from the AOD to original Falcon wire harness.

If you are using AOD transmission check the dip stick , for what type of fluid to use there are two different types you can not mix these.  (Dextron III / Mercon ) or ( Mercon 5 )

Parts I didn't need in my area of country

1. Air Pump and all related items (ie) brackets hoses , and tubes

2. EGR Valve

3. Idle  Air Control  Unit

save these items might need them if you move or for the next guy

(note)   If Air Condition  bracket that will fit for this application is 87 Mercury Cougar with 5.0 , Looks like 89 Lincoln Continental will work also . Others might also work !

I started this conversion in June 2005 the hottest time of the year in Florida there was no day below 94 degree average day heat index 100 to 106 . Some days work maybe two hours other days 8 or more hours. It is now August 8 almost done .  Jim

August 11 Drove the Car No Problems


[foot note] September 10 one month no problems gas mileages is between 23 to 26 mph. this is why I did the conversion.

January 3 2006  I also install AC compressor, I did have power steering relocation kit install . To use the AC compressor had to go with factory bracket. Which I picked up a the local pick and pull yard. Brackets and AC pump from a 90 Cougar. Alternator 91 Mustang. The belt I ended up using was 755K6. I am running under drive pulley's. Your belt will be longer .(note) at idle the voltage is 14.6 to view conversion .

G3 Alternator Conversion

Jan 9  Condenser mounted , I had to removed radiator , grill , hood supports bracket , had to trim sheet metal under grill area for Condenser to fit. (All the AC hoses are Ford snap and click.) These were custom made at AC shop. The unit in car is a vintage hang under dash from a LIKE pick and pull yard Clearwater FL. cost was $9.95 .  I use add on universal  dryer that uses o-rings on the connectors .

   I did have transmission cooler mounted in front of radiator this has been moved and is now mounted under car above sway bar and below radiator. Ran out of room behind grill.



Starter I use from 94  F150  with 5.0  with automatic very small with solenoid on it . Battery lead is "hot" all the time (see web for conversion)

O2 exhaust spacers

$15.00 mufflers shop


        Get 18 mm spark plug Anti Fouler $3.00 from a auto parts store Help 42009 cut these down and you have 02 spacers

WIRE HARNESS 1988 Mustang


Will mount behind glove box. Power source IGN switch on plug pink wire this is the original 12 volt wire  that steps down to  8 volts . Install new wire and run to  main power relay on harness.




Drive Shaft

I used my old 64 Falcon drive shaft . You will have to change the front yoke . Then just bolt it in. Also the Fox body drive shaft is about 1 and 1/2" shorter. I had it in and decided to use the longer one .

Gas Tank

With this conversion you gas tank must have return line     plus gas lines need to be ran down passenger side of car. Here are three different ways to complete this project. Picture one would go into fill hose in trunk about $35.00 Picture two  and three in bottom of tank $1.50 .

From bottom of tank I hooked up my pump. This way pump doesn't have to pull the fuel up hill. I then used the tank sending unit pick up as my return line. I ran 3/8" line for pressure and 5/16" as return.

Picture four  is not from my car . You'll need to remove sending unit drill hole for retune line Braze or Silver solder $2.00 gas line parts store.

Fuel Pump

You will need high pressure pump. I used one from a F150 external Mtg. Tbird also used on Rangers . Mount pump as close to tank as possible. Remember to install a cut off switch or also called a inertia switch in trunk this switch can be found in  newer Ford located in the trunk this will shout off pump in case of accident. VERY IMPORTANT . Here is picture  of mine mount on trunk brace I also relocated the gas fill tube no more slow fill's.

This pump has right connectors for to use Ford Fuel filter you could use  snap and click  lines here . You can spend upwards to $400.00 for a pump this one pictured is around $110.00 new. Pick and pull $30.00 to $45.00

[foot note] while installing fuel pump and lines , I happen to look up at my rubber brake hose going from rear end to hard-line it was ready to brake had bubble on side of hose. Number listed above!!! check your please.



Above are different kits along with battery box I found on internet . I'm moving mine to trunk. You can  buy  a kit from several vendor . Cost runs between $50.00 to $95.00 or you can buy a battery box from $8.00 tie down kit  from $6.00 and if your lucky like me battery cables were donated to me . I ran two cables inside of car up to engine because of  unibody you will have better ground. When you run cables through sheet metal use rubber grommets  get them at hardware store about 45 cents apiece.


Export Brace or Aluminum Radius rods click here

this is a must make it or buy it but don't forget it

Other Parts Needed


Engine Mounts from 6 Cly to V8



All after market part numbers are from several auto parts (ie) Advance, NAPA , and Auto-Zone

Mustang Radiator 88 to 93 433556

Fuel Pump E-2000

Fuel Filter FF507

Mustang Fan Shroud 88-93(ebay)

Flex Fan Imperial 18 1/4" CCW 223618

Fan Spacer  251508  1- 1/2" Length

The bolts are 5/16" X 24 thread 2 1/4" long

Heater Hose  S-4409 and M-4352

AC Brackets all from Fox Body Cars Cougar, or Mustang

AC Compress and Hoses Plus Condenser all for Fox body , Cougar or Mustang

(All AC hoses are Ford snap and click.)

Drier AT-7-1165 or 33426 Universal type

Motor Mounts Anchor 2221 Right 2220 Left

Relay's on my Harness are MR-76 it has three of them

Computer and Engine Harness Mustang 1988

Computer Number A9P can be used on automatic or stander transmission

Computer Number A9L is for 5 speed only

Starter Solenoid  F496

Starter I use from 94 F150  with 5.0  with automatic very small with solenoid on it (see picture below)

Rear Brake Hose 88264

02 Buttons (spark plug non-fouler) HELP 42009

Stand off for Air Cleaner Box wiper motor bushing  (help 49450)

Thermostat Housing  814884

 Temperature Switch TU 22

The housing and temp. switch above  are for my dash gage. I'm also running  mechanical gages oil,  temp,  and amp . I need second source for the temperature SW

Universal Muffler brackets 17175  [for use with clevis rods]

Cross Member (After Market)

(Dark Horse Performance Inc.)( pt.# dhp-6365aodx) (see picture below)

Plugs or bolts when eliminating smog pump thread size 5/8x11

Gas pedal and cable' I got mine from a Mercury Cougar 1990 . Has all the right bends and angles.

(no mods drill 2 holes just bolt in )

Shifter brackets or get a floor shifter I used a Mustang floor shifter this is cable operated get cable with it , cost of cable $45.00 to $90.00 ( mount above floor pan  cut hole for cable raise above floor one inch )

Air cleaner I used 89 Mustang the rubber bushing are from  a wiper motor (see picture below) bushing listed above

Air Cleaner box junk yard $6.00 (89 Mustang)

Radiator supports I use were from Crown Vic re bent for top

 (see picture)

Oil dip stick tube from a 93 Mustang 4 cylinder

Dip stick from 5.0 cut to proper length

Timing Case Cover 68 Mustang

To use a G3 Alternator you will need to drill hole through bracket in different location for oil dip stick .

Ground Straps I used four of them two from engine to fire wall and the two from engine to frame .(help section auto parts store)

Battery installed in trunk

Also need oil pan with front sump (see picture)289 oil pan

 Drive shaft yoke from AOD donor car

Transmission Mount same as C4

Transmission  Oil Cooler (95 F150 truck)


Lower X Member (used to stability and strength front end )(picture at bottom)

this piece was gotten from a fellow name  Larry Wilson  he makes them  tman@ccwebster.net

       Monte Carlo Bar (used to stability and strength front end )(see engine bay)

       Export Brace (used to stability and strength front end )(see engine bay)

Horns Hi and Low BH103FBL, BH101HC

 (your original horns are too big need to replace and relocate them to radiator support .

wire , relay , paint ,

 and a lot's of time  probably more  !!!!


Thank Dean , Marty , and the  TFFN. NET for your help. Jim

For that Bad Ass Look

And a little more Power

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