I did not start out to convert my wipers. I read all the threads on all the web sites about wipers.

What happen is a bought a 64 Falcon never tried the wipers, I just had to have this car ok. Well as the story goes here I'm tooling down the road it starts raining also I'm in Florida when it rains you get several inches at one time so you have to have good wipers. Well one of the threads talked about converting to two speeds with delay as a bonus. Just three four lines. I tried to contact the fellow didn't get any where. So out to the bone yard ran across a 74 ford truck F100 or F150 don't remember which one it was , but had what  I needed.     


The motor on right is the one from the truck, has it's own wire harness . So this will work on any early Falcon, Mustang , and Comet. There is two different wiper switches one for delay and the other for just two speed same motor and harness.

First I removed the wiper motor from the car. What  I did was remove the glove box next removed wiper arms and bezel and nuts from outside of car. Under dash remove three bolts holding wiper motor bracket to dash. Pull unit down removed the little clip and washer from linkage on motor. Unhooked wire harness, and removed motor.

In the above picture see the outer three holes with no bushing in them. Well were going to use them. Remove old bushing,  from the truck bracket use the three bushing and sleeves the sleeves are a two piece. Third picture on right has the  bushing installed from back side.

The above picture is ready to install. I forgot to mention to use the original linkage from your old motor it should looking like this in park position. Reinstall in car in reverse order.

  this is the new switch and delay and harness.

In picture below you need to drill one hole for ground wire on wiper switch.  For power I used original hardness, use orange wire in old hardness from new switch cut connector off install spade connector this is orange wire from new switch install in old hardness plug you got power and ground.

Remove old  wiper switch you will use old knob and the cup from back of old switch. No modes just install it tighten nut down. You need to trim off 1/8" inch from end of switch shaft also make flat spot on shaft for Allen screw to tighten down on knob.

The two wires hanging out of the dash are a bonus this is for electric washer.

This whole conversion took two hours to complete.


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