Installation Notes for wiring 30 AMP Relay's

     I had installed new head lights in my car, problem weren't any brighter  than the originals . And the new ones were Halogen.


      How to solve the problem use two relay's at auto parts store. Should be less than $5.00 apiece. You'll need some 8 gauge wire and 10 gauge about 30 feet. heat sink wrap wire terminals solder gun , solder , tape , two 30 amp relay's, and fuses and fuse holder. Or you can buy a kit comes with every thing needed  the company is called Pilot got mine at AutoZone part number is [ PL-HARN3 ] around $10.00 you need two of them...

      The original wiring under dash remains untouched

     Turn on headlight use a test light to find out which color wire goes to which bulb terminal for high low and ground. Cut all wires in back head light from plug give you self enough wire from plug to attach new wires.  You will need to know which is high and low beam wires and ground. Make new ground wire from head lights to good engine ground or back to battery. Write down  this information you will need it later.


  Next solder an 8 gauge wire to two short pieces of 10 gauge wire. Use tape or heat shrink to finish the splice. At this point you need to DISCONNECT the BATTERY Attach the 8 gauge wire to the battery terminal. You might want to install fuse in this operation. Next label the relays high beam and low beam.

High Beam

On both the relays terminal 86 goes to ground, install wire to good ground. On the  relay labeled  high beam wire from harness goes to terminal 85.  Now the new wires from battery goes to both relays terminal 30. Attach a wire from terminal 87 to wire plug on back of headlights for both high beams. On cars with quad headlights you will need to run a extra wires to your high beam light  from  terminal 87 . You will have a total of 4 wires these can  be spliced together and solder and install tape or heat shrink.

Low beam

On the  relay labeled  low beam wire from harness goes to terminal 85.   Attach a wire from terminal 87 to wire plug on back of headlight for both low beams.

Reconnect  battery  try your new system should be much brighter.

All wire to headlight are 10 gauge all wire from battery are  8 gauge to relays.