At the top of the light you will find several letters, AFN is indeed for the sedan, hardtop, and convertible; BFN is for the ranchero, station wagon, and sedan delivery. View 3 and 4 shows what to look for ranchero, station wagon, and sedan delivery. In view 1 and 2  is the AFN lettering this is for sedan, hardtop, and convertible. All the lens can be used on 1964 . The AFN can be Changed to work in place of BFN.


ok when the 65 BFN is installed the shortest chrome leg will point to the top these leg is 1/2 high.


the over all height is 2 3/4 inches which makes this one 1/8 taller Wink Laughing for the 65 AFN

 when installed the chrome leg is 1 1/2 high at the top sedan, hardtop, and convertible..


For the 64 & 65 Falcon, if you compare the angle of the car (sdn,conv, & hdtp) to the utility (s/w,s/d, & rco), you see that the car style with the trunk is more straight up & down, whereas the utility with tailgate is at more of an angle in the top section.

Now look at the taillight housings. The car style has a recess area at least 1" at all four corners (3/6/9/& 12 o'clock). Now look at the utility style, the 3/6/& 9 o'clock corners have the 1" recess area, whereas the 12 o'clock corner only has 1/4" recess. This is to compensate for the upper angle of the tailgate.

If you use a "car" tail lens in a "utility" housing, it will stick out like a "sore thumb" at the top of the housing.
 this article is from TFFN net written by T.J. Johnson Oct.5 2004

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