Air Condition Conversion

I had converted my York Compressor to used 134A Freon . All went well , but it wasn't cold enough . So as I work in auto parts business . I started looking around for a conversion kit or something at I could use . Remember the York well Ford Mustang used it also guess what . Factory Air sell a adaptor plate that will mount on that old York mounting plate needs to be modified comes with a mounting plate for a Idler need to remove this I used a cut off wheel then  drilled 4 holes into the new mounting plate to attaches to your York plate. Know I can use rotor compressor . I used Sanyo $30.00 at pick and pull . Make sure you get one that has V belt pulley. You need to cut off you original fitting and install fitting for Sanyo Compress . There available at most air-condition shops, or they can get them for you . Cost for the adaptors fitting was less than $15.00 . The factory Air adaptor cost $55.00 from AutoZone . So for around $100.00 you got modern system .

I also added a relay that is connected to battery for high speed blower operation. This gives you almost double the out put of air on high speed. I use the relay form 1970

Old 88 to wire it for this operation .

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